How to make a PDF map

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  3. How to make a PDF map
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These instructions provide the process of making a PDF map from the Mines Atlas map.

  1. Click on the 'Quick Search' link as shown below in Figure 1 and search for the map you require.
  2. Figure 1 Image

  3. With the desired map showing on the screen, click the 'Create a PDF map' button as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Figure 2 image

  5. Enter an appropriate title and scale for the map and click OK. Note that this title will appear as the heading inside the PDF and does not refer to the filename.
  6. Figure 3 Image

  7. Depending on the amount of information to process, the PDF may take several minutes to create. Give the file an appropriate name and destination as shown in Figure 4 and click Save to complete. The resulting PDF should look similar to Figure 5.
  8. Figure 4 Image

    Figure 5 Image
    Figure 5 Large Image

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