Mineral Occurrences and Deposits in the Mines Atlas

When viewing mines in AusMA, there are often many locations of mineral occurrences mapped, such as that at Broken Hill as shown by the purple dots below. This level of detail is provided by the state geological surveys. These various mineral occurrences may consist of things like historical shafts; earlier mine entrances; related prospects; different zones of mineralisation, etc.

The difference between mineral occurrences and deposits in the Mines Atlas

The red Broken Hill mine dot is located to suit visualisation. When the same site is located through the Google Earth link in AusMA, only this single marker is seen for the mine nominated. Each individual mineral occurrence has not been included as it creates clutter when viewing mines in Google Earth, and maintains simplicity for the user.

The difference between mineral occurrences and deposits in Google Earth

GA stores deposit information in a database called OZMIN. The coordinates of the deposit location are as seen in Google Earth, however a deposit may consist of a number of mineralised zones which could each be separately located.

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