There are three levels of information available for most commodities.

  1. Minerals Downunder

    These are interactive fact sheets provided by the Minerals Council of Australia. This basic information is relevant for primary years of schooling.

  2. Rock Files

    A series of web pages provided by the Minerals Council of Australia which describe the properties, uses and sources of twelve key metals produced by the Australian minerals industry. The Rock Files support the Olympic Minerals website and are relevant to Science/SOSE curriculum requirements in the upper primary and secondary years of schooling.

  3. Fact Sheets

    Provided by Geoscience Australia and the Minerals Council of Australia the Fact Sheets contain information about major mineral commodities and Australia's minerals industry.

In addition, the Australia's Identified Mineral Resources section of this site published by Geoscience Australia provides more detailed information on resources, exploration, production, world resources and industry developments. The full report is available at Geoscience Australia.





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