The properties of Silver

Silver has many special properties that make it a very useful and precious metal. It has an attractive shiny appearance, although it tarnishes easily. The tarnish is silver sulphide and it forms as the silver reacts with sulphur compounds in the atmosphere. Of all the metals, silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity known, in fact it has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity known for any material. It is strong, malleable and ductile, and can endure extreme temperature ranges. Silver is also able to reflect light very well.

The Properties of Copper
Chemical Symbol: Ag
Relative density: 10.5
Hardness: 3.25 on Mohs scale
Malleability: High
Ductility: High
Electrical conductivity: Highest known
Thermal conductivity: Highest known
Melting point: 961.93°C
Boiling point: 2212°C
Atomic Mass: 107.87

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