Monazite is named after the Greek word monazit, which means 'to be alone', because when it was first discovered it was thought to be quite rare. Monazite contains the elements: cerium, lanthanum, and neodymium, (known as the "rare earth" elements) and it is a rich source of the radioactive element thorium. Rare earth elements are used in high performance magnets, as pigment in ceramics, in robot motors, x-ray screens, fibre optics, energy efficient lanthanum lamps and colour television tubes. Thorium is radioactive and is used in incandescent gas mantles and in fuel for nuclear reactors.

The Properties of Monazite
Chemical Formula: (Ce, La, Nd, Th) PO4
Colour: Brownish Red
Hardness: 5
Relative density: 5.0-5.3

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