What are Geological Surveys

Geological Surveys provide exploration companies with regional geological and geophysical information so that the companies can target areas that they consider having higher prospectivity. In Australia, each state and the Northern Territory have their own geological surveys. These surveys work together with Geoscience Australia on a number of programs such as the National Geological Mapping Accord (NGMA) to provide the very best regional geoscientific data for the exploration industries across the Australian continent.

The cost of undertaking these regional surveys, many of which will not prove to be prospective, is high. Geological surveys provide exploration and mining companies with pre-competitive geoscientific data that is designed to encourage the company to undertake further exploration.

Geological surveys in mineral exploration

This data normally includes geology or interpreted basement geology (ie. what is under the regolith) as well as regional geophysical and/or geochemical data.

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