About the Atlas

In 2003 - 2004 Geoscience Australia developed the Australian Atlas of Mineral Resources, Mines, and Processing Centres - the Australian Mines Atlas - with its supporting partners Minerals Council of Australia and Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

Subsequently, the Mines Atlas is continually being updated with new mineral resource, location data and company web links.



The Atlas aims to:

  1. provide an authoritative understanding of Australia's known mineral and energy (solid fuel) assets, mines and production/processing centres (existing and planned)
  2. present factual data that can assist with planning, decision making, investment, education and management of the environment
  3. complement other national data sets dealing with land use, population, soils, agriculture, climate, water and vegetation
  4. show where, and how, the mining industry is placed to continue its contribution to regional development in Australia and sustain its role as a major exporter of mineral commodities.

The Atlas delivers authoritative minerals and mining information to individual Australians and provides a virtual-showcase of the industry for global audiences.



The Atlas was developed as a working tool for use whenever and wherever customers can access the internet. It allows users to examine and evaluate digital spatial data related to the minerals industry against an array of infrastructure, demographic, resource and environmental dimensions.

The key objective of the Atlas is to serve the needs of diverse clients in many ways, including as:

  1. a reliable and up-to-date reference with links to site specific and more detailed information, either directly, as for mineral resources, or through links, such as linking to the website of each particular owner company
  2. an interactive decision support system with small-scale, map-making capability
  3. a framework and instrument for education
  4. an aid to visualise and understand complex issues relating to regional development of mining and mineral processing activities, and identify/promote opportunities for employment in remote areas
  5. an aid to industry research.
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